lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

La Fonética en Español

   Phonetic of Spanish

  The Phonetic in spanish is very simple, but it also depends on what language you speak as a mothertopngue. Some languages share the same sounds (phonems), and some other languages might not have some phonems that spanish does.

We also have to consider that spanish is spoken in about 21 countries over the world and it is possible to find many variation in this language. In this course we focused our lessons on the Mexican Spanish Variatios, because we are mexican, but also because our country has an estrategic place (near the United States), so Mexico and many countries (including of course the U.S.A.) have important commercial trades. 

In The Americas, Mexico has a remarkable place and it represents a closer step towards the U.S.

Let's remember that Tourism is a very important activity in Mexico which means  a mean economical ressort.

The 100 million people in Mexico are another great reason to learn the mexican spanish variation. Just Mexico City has more inhabitants than other entire spanish speakers countries.

Of course each spanish country has its own way to speak spanish but we all can understan to each other (something similar happens among arab countries).

If you are ready to start this mexican spanish course, see the next video. The first lesson is about spanish phonetuic.

Have a nice lesson...

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