viernes, 6 de mayo de 2016

(To be there)

The verb HABER is used to indicate what is there, what exist. In english is TO BE THERE and THERE IS is used to indicate the singular nouns and THERE ARE is used to indicate the plural nouns.

In other languages like italian they use ESSERCI to indicate what exist. C'È for singular nouns and CI SONO for plural nouns. In turkish they have only one single word "VAR"

In the previous lessons we have studied that in spanish is very important to know when a noun or adjective is plural, singular, male or female, and we will go ahead into our studies, but now we have to remark that HAY (verb HABER) is used the same way for plural, singular, male and female cases and in this case there is not any difference.


  Hay un museo             -        There is a museum
  Hay una muchacha      -        There is a girl
  Hay diez coches          -        There are ten cars
  Hay doce meses          -        There are twelve months
  Hay un restaurante      -        There is a restaurant


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