viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016


  Sometimes when we are learning a language (any language) the new systems and books take us to learn short sentences into a context to be ·competent· to speak that short sentence in the correct moment, and it is a very useful way to learn. Naturally we want to be able to express our ideas shortly and very effectively, but it does not mean that this is the only way to learn! Specially qhen we are talking about foreign languages there is also other nice option we can try!  To learn into big sentences (a big text structure) is really helpful and it can bring to you a lot ov advantages and a shorter time to learn is one of them!

How many people got used to learn sentences like "The house is big" or "I read the book"?  and it is OK it is correct, lets let it be! but we can go a little bit faster after we revewed the previous lessons!  

The last lessons were focused on grammas and simply asic phonetics and short rules, but the goal was to let you go ahead without getting lost in liittle details of basic spanish language but it is ok and we are sure you have fulfill the previous lessons and now you are ready to really speak spanish!

and... what about a near and personal situation like "My house"? what do we want to say about it? and what if i am already in a spanish country? or ecactly in Mexico? Of course we are invited to our new frends' homes and of course we invite our new friends to our new homes in Mexico or any spanish country we are right now!

So this bis structure is going to give you not only a practice of what we already revewed, and not only an important quantity of vocabulary, but also a topic to talk about later and a big structure to learn, follow and practice to get into large conversations! 

We should not go outside to talk to friends just by saying "The house is big" and feel that we have arrived til the end of our conversation.... we people do speak a lot and there atre many things to say and to organize into our brains (and you have to do it all in a foreign language). So this is the first lesson that is going to introduce all of you into the big structures learning system... so please try to follow this lesson to see you good is your memory and how many vocabulary you can add to your spanish knowlidge...

Before you start revewing the lesson you have to know that there are some specific point you have to take in consideration to get success!


1. Give your mind a chance
 It means that you have to let your memmory work on its real potential!

2. "Repeat after me"
 Listen and read the lesson as many times as you feel it neccesary and don't be shy to speak loud after me!

3. Use your device (tablet, pc, laptop, spartphone, etc) to record your oun voice while you are reading the lessons, but try to pronounce just like i do... and carry on with you your mp3 recording everywhere 

4. Listen to your recording

Your memory can be good or not, but i swear your device has a perfect memory to carry on your recording and ready to be listened over and over! Believe me... after some time and once you are into a situation where you have to speak about your house or someone else's house... you will have not only a short sentence to speak, but a really nice quantity of speech to understand and speak!

5. Memorize, Memorize and MEMORIZE

Because we will add new lessons in small packages of short grammar rules, but then we will create a new big structure lesson! Maybe at work... maybe among friends, maybe at the restaurant or a bank... just get surprised and be ready to add new knowledge to your super mind!

Well that's we the approach of Big Structures Learning is very successful... because you need to speak now and you need to comunicate now and you need to understand now and as fast as possible... believe in your memory and give it a chance to get more powerful!

Now you are ready to speak THE REAL MEXICAN SPANISH!

Can you share with us your recordings? you can encourage others to do it!

I have prooved this method with mexican high school students that lean italian and i have had nice results! 

so GO AND DO IT!!!


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